Terms & Conditions

The bet7 Partners Affiliate Program, which is designed for professional partnerships, is aimed at increasing their revenue through the promotion of a leading brand and connect with their user base.


In order to be part of our affiliate program, you have to formalise your affiliate membership at affiliates.bet7partners.com. Once your account is approved, you will automatically have access to a wide range of promotional content. This content can easily be used in diverse digital platforms, and is regularly updated through promotions from BETSEVEN brands, or highlighting of sporting events.


All the registrations and deposits in our websites that were originated through your links will be associated with your account.





The Agreement is hereby concluded, which shall be governed by the following causes:




1 – BETSEVEN, in order to increase its revenues by promoting a leading and trustworthy brand with its user base, uses the advertising services provided by the “Affiliate”, based on content branding that will be available, committing itself to a revenue share whereby all the registrations and deposits in your website originated through the permalinks in the Affiliate area will be associated with the Affiliate’s account, guaranteeing a percentage of the revenue provided by the client.

2 – On the other side the “Affiliate” commits itself to advertise BETSEVEN on its website respecting the present rules and limits.




For the purposes of this agreement, the terms that are an integral part of it shall be understood as follows:


  1. Active Client – an individual person that after having is an account, makes a deposit and makes a minimum of one transaction per month.
  2. New Client – An individual person who fulfil the legal requirements, and does not have any other player account in www.betseven.com, make a registration in your website as a player and proceed a deposit;
  3. Registration – The moment the player does the registration on the betseven.com website;
  4. Deposit – All the movement regardless of the method of payment used, which the player adds credit to its account;
  5. Player account – The account bound to the registration of each player, in which all the transactions resulting from playing and online betting must be credited and debited;
  6. Affiliate Account – The affiliate account is where all the debits and credit